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Leader(s): The Pyramidian
Officer(s): Felicity "Feleth" Pilton
Server: Unknown
Concept: Spying, Surveillance and Oppressive Overwatch

Playerbase Data

Primary Playstyle: Light RP
Timezones: All
Recruiting: Yes
Web site:

In-Game Info

Base of Operations: The Labyrinth
Founded: 2012
Number of Members: Unknown



In this modern world, The Eye is always watching you. Outside CCTV cameras and satellites can track your movements. Indoors webcams can identify your face. The Pyramidion listens even when your cellphone is turned off, and all bluetooth traffic goes through him. In the modern world the Illuminati know all, and knowledge is power.

In the Secret World however, there are still blind spots. Hidden places in Argatha, warded magical loci of great power, dimensions that should not exist. If knowledge is power, then this lack of knowledge is a lack of power, and the Illuminati cannot have that. PANOPTICON exists to serve as an extension of The Eye, finding the hidden secrets out in the world.

Agenst recruited to PANOPTICON will seek out secrets and lore and add it to the growing databases. In payment, agents will have access to said databases, dependant on their cabal clearance level. Applications can be made through agent Feleth by any member of the Illuminati in good standing.