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Kosheen Adama

Independent Agent


Player: Kosheen on tsw-rp.com

Real Name: Adalin Kosheen Adama
Nickname(s): Confidental
Codename: Kosheen
Known Aliases: Kosh, Koshie,“Aka”
Profession: Confidential

Personal Data

Gender: Gender Unknown
Age: 24
Nationality: Confidential
Height: 5'8" (172cm)
Weight: 154lbs (70kgs)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black, Dyed Bright Blue
Skin Color: Olive/Light Tan
Marks or tattoos: Multiple Combat Scars and Hidden Religious/Occult/Gang Related Tattoos
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Currently Based: No Known Address
Relationship Status: Confidential
Orientation: Confidential

Known Abilities

No Known Record of Education or Record of Employment. No Known External Manifestations of Anima.


Superb: Confidential
Great: Confidential
Good: Confidential
Average: Confidential
Fair: Confidential
Poor: Confidential


Described as Religious/Occult Weapons and Paraphernalia, the exact contents of seized property is sealed within juvenile records. No recent search and seizures have been made.


Despite the recent expungement of her Interpol records Ms Kosheen Adama is suspected of involvement in international organised crime and has several outstanding Federal Warrants including: Aiding & Abetting / Accessory, Assault / Battery. Theft / Larceny (including counts of Credit / Debit Card Fraud, Insurance Fraud and Identity Theft.), Extortion, Solicitation, Kidnapping, Police Impersonation, Public Intoxication and Indecent Exposure. Believed to be proficient in both firearms and hand to hand combat, exercise extreme caution when approaching.


(( Kosheen's Hero-box may be considered IC as a classified 'Criminal Record' )) -------------->

• Description •


Puerto Rican in origin, Kosheen can come across as headstrong, cocky or even an arrogant Latina firecracker. She projects the stereotype of a Chola Gang-Banger and is quick to violence given her overdeveloped protective nature around family. Years of travelling while keeping her identity secret have made her guarded around strangers and her trust is not easily earned.

“Step up and get smacked down” was her mantra growing up and she has proven notoriously hard to kill through out her career.

For those who have earned her respect, Kosheen's bravado is quickly set aside. Loud, outgoing and boisterous with a playful sense of humour. When her protective fervour extends to friends she can be gentle and kind, commonly referring to those with this endearment as “boo” or “Lover”.


Kosheen's Chola attitude is reflected in her personal style. She typically has heavy make-up; pale powdered face with thin, arched, angry looking penciled-on eyebrows. Brown, dark red or black lip liner in a 'Monroe' style, creating the illusion of plumper and fuller lips.

Oversized golden hoop ear rings to complement her gaudy bling, mostly assorted crosses and talismans hanging from her neck and extravagant rings on her fingers. Kosheen's hair is always up and slick with products, having had it dyed bright blue for most of her life she will ritually find her self checking for dark roots when walking past mirrors or reflective surfaces, if not already fixing her make-up.

Her threads are typically 'street' or 'punk'; baggy cargo pants, combat boots, spiked leather gloves and hoodies are her 'go-to'. A style developed over the years out of necessity, to conceal weapons or body armour. When given the chance she will strip down to something more trashy but is always conscious of hiding her various combat scars and occult tattoos.

Standing 5'8” tall, weighing in at 154lbs, Kosheen is woman of athletic prowess. Relentless survival and combat training have made her deceptively strong and agile. Physical fitness has always been an important factor of her lifestyle.

• Background •


Born in Brooklyn, NY, USA and raised there until the age of eight. Kosheen was named after her mother Adalin, but preferred to be known by her second name. Kosheen's early childhood was a rare time of stability for her family; Kosheen's father had become injured and needed time to recuperate. Settling in the borough allowed Kosheen to attend a regular school and her mother to work until she gave birth a second daughter, Nyki Adama. This time would be looked back upon fondly by the sisters, making friends and socializing within the community as normal children. Her father’s recovery coincided with the release of her Uncle from prison; with the Adama brothers reunited the family business was once again operational. At the age of eight Kosheen was pulled from school and within weeks had completely fallen off the grid. In the following years Kosheen would learn the family business, growing up as a nomad. Most of her education would be taught on trans-continental ships, by her closest family members: Kosheen’s father, Carlos Adama, would teach her urban survival and her mother passed on knowledge of history and the occult. Of all her mentors, Uncle Pablo was the most influential; a selfless protector of the family with a natural talent for horrific violence, Pablo would shape Kosheen in his own image: a Warrior.

Teenage Years

Kosheen spent her teenage years travelling between countries on counterfeit papers and passports of various aliases with her family. She had seen most of the world by a young age, and under the guidance of her father, endured extreme wilderness survival training in the frozen tundras of Siberia to the jungles of South America. Graduating to urban survival and combat at the age of sixteen, she spent several years moving around North America and Europe assisting her parents.

Kosheen accrued a long list of legal infractions against her various aliases. Working secretly, the family business would sometimes be misunderstood by the authorities when exposed. Evading capture and continuing their work became her life. Due to the fantastic and extremely violent nature of her work she became emotionally maladjusted.

The Templars

• The “ADAMA” Family •


A ‘Ma and Pa’ family business with its origins in Puerto Rico, the Adama Family has operated around the globe for generations. They travel from continent to continent investigating and hunting down supernatural phenomenon. With a vast understanding of religious and occult rituals and superstitions, the family works to resolve dangerous situations while maintaining a shroud of secrecy over the events.

Considering themselves 'Hunters', the Adama Family has no affiliation to, or even claims knowledge of, the Secret Societies or Cabals, nor do they have any official connection with any major crime syndicates. Hunting, for the most part, is unprofitable, having resorted to becoming career criminals to fund their actions. For several decades, the family has been the target of investigation by US Federal authorities and Interpol.

Extended Family

The Adama's boast a large and diverse Hispanic family network, however not all members of the family are 'Hunters' nor have the Adama name. Hidden in plain sight; Mendoza, Garcia and Vasquez, distant cousins that offer shelter and leads that may provide work. While the Adama’s insist on hunting in a small family group, they are not alone with various connections operating in secrecy around the globe.

The Secret War

Historically, the Adama Family, and Hunters everywhere, have worked independently of the Secret Societies and associated Cabals. Unknown to the Adama’s, the Secret Societies have been recruiting from hunter families for centuries.

• Background Stories •


* The Streets *

(( In Character notes for ongoing RP. This will contain spoilers and should be considered OOC to everyone but Kosheen.))

Smells like the 5-0

(( “Save” ))

Sunday 8th July – got a strange txt message : *bzz bzz* You receive a text message from a blocked number reading, "Meet me down the stairs in Ealdwych Alley in 10 minutes. My organisation and I would like to speak with you privately."

After following the instructions and getting lost for a bit, I eventually found the place. Some puto was waiting for me, he looked like a “Suit” but smelt like bacon. My suspicions confirmed when he knew my birth name. Only a loco pig would have the cojones to call a Chola out like that, I shulda smacked the white off his face.

I asked if he was Interpol, they gotz to say so, right? He just told me to go back to “The Horned God” and make an appointment with some homie called “Mr Ganes” in the next few days. This sounds like a white persons problem im thinking, then he hands me a folded note : "Between light and shadow exists a world. That world is necessarily our own."

Then without another word, he up and bails, leaving a Chica hanging.... Damn.